2022 Trials Committee

Chairperson   Fiona McMillan
Vice Chair   Allan Common
Local Secretary   Hazel Jackson
Local Treasurer   Hazel Mair
Local Safety Officer    Russ Oakes
Chief Sheep Steward    Colin Armstrong
Assistant Sheep Steward   Jim Thomson

Supporting Commitee Members: 

Jock Welsh, Billy Welsh, Wullie Welsh (Sanquhar), Wullie Welsh (Dalcairney), Alasdair Mundell, Boyd Mundell, Willie Tod, Duncan Robertson, Alistair Stewart, Kelsey Louise Keith, Billy Common, Murray McTier, Mirren McTier, Elaine Craig, George Mair, Fraser Shennan, Stewart McCrindle, Neil Gillon, Helen Welsh, Chris Caygill,
and Dean Aitken

Special Thanks to Landowner for their cooperation. 
Roy & Shona Weir.