2014 National Team

  1. Team Captain - Miss Julie Hill with Ban
  2. Ian Brownlie with Mo
  3. Stuart Davidson with Queen
  4. Mosse Magnusson with Myllin Davey
  5. John MacKillop with Straid Kep
  6. Neil Gillon with Bhoy
  7. Alasdair Mundell with Taff
  8. David Wallace with Jen
  9. John Mackillop with Joe
  10. Michael Shearer with Jim
  11. John Templeton MBE with Ben
  12. Fraser Shennan with Mia
  13. Neil Gillon with Sweep
  14. Eddie Foster with Moss
  15. Stuart Davidson with Jack

Reserve Team Member Miss Julie Hill with Mac

Scottish Brace Winner: Hamish MacLean with Roy & Kim