Day 1

Today sees the start of the Scottish National trial. Alone of the four home countries, Scotland is choosing its singles team from the top fifteen runs over the three days, rather than five a day for each of the three days.

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Commentary throughout the day on this page from Fiona McMillan.

9.00: It is a lovely morning with welcome sunshine. It is a big course, and the first problem is that the sheep are to be lifted on a brae, with a fence line below the lift point which has fooled a number of the dogs. The sheep are Texel crosses, and they are behaving well around the course.

First to the post, W A Morrison with Tanhill Will completed the course despite a problem atr the pen, where one of the collars came off a sheep. The watch was stopped, and once the collar has been put back on, he went on to complete the run with 2 minutes to go. Michael Shearer has had a good run with no major faults wih Jim, and Alex McCuish completed, but missed a drive gate and also had problems at the pen.

9.30: First results are up - Michael Shearer is leading with Jim on 184.

10.30: The sun is still shining and the sheep are still working well. Ogilvie Brown's Jed stopped a little short on a left hand outrun. After a cautions lift, the fetch was good and he finished with a hesitant single. Kenny Donald went to the left, a bit wide. Killiebrae Nell was off line on the fetch and both the fetch and first drive gates were missed, but the cross drive was good. Problems at the pen, where time ran out. Ian Lockhart and Moss - a few commands to the dog on the left hand outrun. A good fetch, good drive away, but  a little low on the cross drive, with a wide turn. A good shed, problems at the pen, and managed to single on the b utton just before time ran out. John Foster sent Tay to the right, A clean outrun and a steady lift, but fetch a bit off line. Low cross drive, but all gates were hit. A good shed, one break at the pen, and singled with a minute to go. Lotte Magnusson's Kate stopped a little short on the left hand outrun, but the fetch and driving were good. the pen caused a few problrems, and time ran out at the single.

11.30: More scores on the board. No change at the top.

1.00: John Hastie and Cap. Right hand outrun, a bit of a wavy fetch and missed the gate. Good driving. A bit of milling at the shed, breaking at the pen, good single. Jessie Main and Roy. One command on the right hand outrun. A controlled lift. A little bi wavy on the fetch. Good turn. Good driving and a purposeful shed. One sheep tried to break at the pen, but Roy stopped her. Good single. Jock Welsh had an excellent run up to the pen, where there were lots of problrms and he was timed out. A good run wasted!

1.30: Brace runs. Julie Hill found the sheep hard to lift, and testing on the second fetch. Ian McConnell had a good sound run, with just small deviations on the cross drive and a wide turn. One sheep rejoined at the first pen, so the shed had to be taken again, but they finished. Hamish Maclean also had a problem with keeping the two packets of sheep apart, and they ran out of time. With no more brace runs scheduled, Hamish Maclean is Nationbal Brace Champion, with Ian MacConnell the other Brace team member.

2.30: The singles have restarted. 

3.30: J J Templeton and Ben. Sheep a little sticky on a left handed outrun. Good fetch, drive and close work. Neil Gillon and Bhoy. A very good run, marred only by two missing the fetrch gate. Mosse Magnusson and Llanfarian Jim. Another good run, just a wide turn at the firt drive gate, and a difficult single. George Gardner and Craig had a good run, the left hand outrun stopped a little short. The outfield work was very good and the close work also, finishing with an excellent single.  Ian Brownlie's outrun was a little tight at the top with Boredale Gus. The outfield work was good, but there were a few problems with the pen, and two attempts were needed for the single. Neil McEachern and Ann had a few problems on the outrun, with Ann needing some redirection, but they finished well with a particularly good shed. Neil Gillon is the new leader on 191.

5.00: Dave Gilchrist and Dan. A good start, wide turn at the end of the fetch and missed the cross drive gate to the top. Good finish. J B Ramsay and Cap started well, but also had a wide turn round the handler. The driving had several problems with keeping to the line. The shed came eventually, but they were timed up in the single. Andu Carnegie and Jess. A young bitch, Jess took a nice road on the outrun, but a little bit of inexperience probably accounted for a deviation before the fetch gate and missing the cross drive gate. One sheep broke at the shed. Timed up in the single. Cameron Dickson and Tweed. Lovely pear shpaped outrun to the left. Wavy fetch and missed the gates. Low on the cross drive, having to adjust before the second gates, and a wide turn. A few problems with the single. Stuart Davidson is on now, but runnoing Jack in place of Calderdale George. 

6.15: Stuart Davidson and Jack. A wide start to the outrun, but a good lift. The top half of the fetch was a bit off line, but the gates were caught safely. The cross drve was a bit low, but againn the gate was safely negotiated. A hood single to finish.  Scott Renwick and Roci. Left hand outrun, lifting rather far back. Missed the fetch gates and a few problems with turning the sheep round the handler. Good driving, but Scott appeared to enter the shedding ring before the sheep, so that might be penalised. Difficult pen, breaks at the pen and a tricky single. John MacKillop and Straid Kep. A good outrun. Fetch started a bit off line, but no problem with the gates. Good start tothe drive, but again a little wayward on the return to the ring. A good shed, a bit of milling at the pen, and a good quick single with only a minute to go.Latest points show they are in the lead. The sheep are becoming a bit more tricky to handle in the close work.

7.30: Fraser Shennan and Mia started with a nicely shaped left hand outrun. Slight deviations on the fetch, but they got the gate. A wide turn at the first drive gate. Good shed, and chellenging sheep at the pen, dealt eith well by Mia. The single was achieved with a minute left. Mia has joined the leaders on 181.