Day 2

Reports from the field by Fiona McMillan

8.30: Once again the sun is shining. The sheep are a little trickier today, testing at hand.

Lotta Magnusson and Net had a real problem with a ewe - one of those nose to nose encounters - which was a great shame.

Alastair Mundell and Taff have had the first really good run of the day. A right hand outrun and a controlled lift. A nice line on the fetch and a good turn round the handler. Good lines and turns on the driving, too  There were six minutes left at the shed. Good shed and pen, a little bit of difficullty at the single.

Bobby Handerson and Skid had a generally good round, just a few problems with the line on both fetch and drive, but all gates OK. However, they had to reshed at the judges' request. A standard has now been brought in,. 

11.00: Sheep are continuing to be tricky.

Roddy MacDiarmid and Jim. Right hand outrun.  Missed fetch gate. Good driving. Took some time to get the shed and was timed out at the pen.

Peter Martin and Jill. Right hand outrun, a litle tight at the top. Good fetch and drive. Good shed, a bit of trouble at the pen, and a good single.

John MacDonald and Don. Left hand outrun, a few commands needed. Sheep off line at  the top. Missed fetch gates, but a good drive. Problems with the shed and timed up at the pen.

Julie Hill and Mac. Right hand outrun, stopped short, and two commands. Good fetch, turn and drive. Good shed and pen, but a lot of problems with the single, the sheep out of the ring. Finished with two minutes left.

Jerry Ramsay and Kilcreen Cap. Left hand outrun with a few commands. A bit off line to start the fetch, and a wide turn at the away drive gate. Timed up at the shed.

1.00: The standard has brought a lot of retirals, with only a handful of finishers. the weather has also changed. The sun has gone and Heqavy rain with thunder is making trialling less of a pleasure.

David Wallace and Jen. Right hand outrun, very controlled lift, good fetch. Slight deviation rund the handler and on yhe first leg of the drive, with a wide turn. A bit low on the cross drive, but got the gates. Good shed, pen and single, with 4 minutes left.

Andrew Dickman and Roy. Right hand outrun, overshot a little at  the top. Good lift and fetch. Problems at the first drive gate, where one sheep came back through. Good finish.

Alistair Stewart and Midge. Left hand outrun. A good lift and fetch, Wide turn at the post. Good driving with tight turns. One attempt at the shed, and the sheep put of the ring, but the went on to finish.

John McDougall and Spot. Right hand outrun. Lifted a bit off line, deviations on fetch, through gate, wide turn round handler. Drive good apart from a wide turn at the far gate. Good shed, sheep round the pen, but then in and a good single.

4.45: Trialling has been stopped for half an houir because of the heavy rain and lightning. The sheep have beenspooked by the conditions, and all the intervening handlers have had to retire. However, things have now improved, and the last dix of today's handlers should be able to compete in relative calm.

Steve Martin and Lexie. Good right hand outrun. Some line deviations, but all gates OK. Quick shed, good pen and single. Five minutes left on the clock.

Norman MacDonald and Jake. Right hand outrun. Stopped short, lifted a bit quickly. Missed fetch gate. Line deviations on away and cross drive. Took some time to achieve the shed. Good pen and single.

Willie Morrison and Straid Nell. Good right hand outrun. Sheep took off at the top. Missed fetch gate. Good driving, but problems with the shed and pen. 50 seconds left to dingle, achieved with one second to go!

Alistair McKenzie and Mist. Good right hand outrun. Lift a bit sticky. Missed the fetch gates. This afternoon the sheep have come off the brae rather quickly, causing problems with the fetch. Good driving, although a bit low approaching the second drive gate.  Sheep out of the ring in the shed, timed up at the pen.

Kenny Brehmer and Irwell Flo. Last to run today. Good left hand outrun. Lifted off line. Missed fetch gates and a wide turn. First leg of drive a bit off line, but good cross drive and both gates OK. Problems with the shed, good pen and single.

6.15: Trialling has finished for today. Final day tomorrow with the last 50 competitors hoping for places in the team.