Day 3

8.30: Today is the final day of the National trial, with the last 50 competitors hoping for a place in the team. It is dry this morning, ideal conditions for trialling. Already. Mosse Magnusson has posted a high score  197 - with Myllin Davey to take the lead at the top of the table.

Angus Mac Diarmid and Rex. Right hand outrun, a few line deviations on the fetch. Wide turn round the handler, good driving and turns. Had to work hard on the cross drive as the sheep were splitting. Sheep left the ring before the shed had started. Good pen, single achieved at second attempt with one second left on the clock!

Mosse Magnusson and Myllin Davey. Right hand outrun, nice lines and turns, good driving, just a slight deviation at the second gate with a wide turn. Couple of sheep were testing at the pen, good single to finish and into the lead. 

Murray McTier and Bob. Good left hand outrun, a few line deviations on the fetch. Good driving but wide turn at the second gate. Good finish but sheep testing at the pen. 

Julie Hill and Ban. Right hand outrun and good lift. Sheep split on the fetch but no problems with gates. Good driving and good finish. Into the lead on 209.

11.00: The judges are enforcing the standard so there are very few completed runs. 

Sandy Montgomery and Craig. Stopped short on the outrun. A very cautious attempt with good lines, particularly on the cross drive, and a very good shed. A little bit of trouble at the pen and timed up. 

Jimmy Menzies and Baledmund Cher.Good right hand outrun. Lifted off line and slipped one sheep to the left of the fetch gate  Nice line on the drive.Had to work hard at the pen.

Stuart Davidson and Queen. Good outrun to the right. Good fetch and driving, although a wide turn at the away drive gate. A few problems at the pen, good single to finish.

Neil Gillon and Sweep. Left hand outrun. Stopped a bit short. Slow lift. Good lines on the fetch and drive. Had a few tries to achieve the shed, good pen and single to finish.

Kenny Donald and Glen. Good right handed outrun. Lift a bit crooked, good fetch. A few line deviations on the drive Took some time at the pen, and needed two attempts to achieve the single. The sheep are beocming hard to handle in the close work, and not willing to go round the handler.

Eddie Foster and Moss. Nice right hand outrun. Lifted a bit too quickly and one missed the fetch gate. Good drive, but slight deviations on first leg and wide turn at second gate. Shed very quickly, had a few problems at the pen, and singled very quickly to finish just in time.

Ian Brownlie and Mo. Nice right hand outrun. Nice fetch and drive at a good pace, just a slight deviation on the fetch and a wide turn round the handler. Took time to get the shed, and two sheep faced Mo at the pen, but all achieved within the time.

John MacKillop and Joe. Good right hand outrun. Fetch a bit wavy and some deviations on the first leg of the drive. Good cross drive. Shed OK but breaks at the pen. Good single.

Alan Wilkie and Don. Left hand outrun with one command. A wavy fetch resulting in a miss at the gates. Good drive and close work.

Seven to go. It appears that 180 plus will be needed to make the team.

Triallingh has been completed. Congratulations to Julie Hill and Ban, National Champions and Team Captain for 2014