Day 2

The wind has dropped today giving better trialling conditions. The sheep are mostly North Country Cheviots and are more settled and biddable than yesterday's mixed packets.

Two young handlers have taken to the field this morning, Mure Grant running Fred and 13-year-old Joe McKenzie with Tweedie. Joe was Scotland's young handler representative at last year's International.

This year's brace champion is Peter Martin, with his son Stephen runner-up.

Peter ran litter sisters Jill and Jen. They are four years old, by Bobby Dalziel's Joe, out of Neil McVicar's Nikki.

Peter sent Jill left and Jen to the right, sending them at the same time. Jen arrived at the top slightly before Jill, and they crossed at the top.

In the shedding ring, one ewe bolted out before Peter could leave the post. Jen shed the packet and Jill was used at the open pen. The run was completed with Jen at the second pen to finish on a score of 237.

Son Stephen was running in his first ever brace competition, working Rob and Lexie. They completed with a score of 231. It is thought to be the first time a father and son have qualified together to represent their country at the International in the brace.

2.45pm: The judges have now brought in a standard.

Michael Shearer and Jim have gone to the top of the leader board with a score of 171.

Michael sent Jim on the right-hand outrun where he lost 11 points with a clean lift. They caught the fetch gates but dropped 15 points. On the drives they lost 8 with good lines. Ten points were lost in the shed. They finished well, dropping 2 at the pen and 3 in the single.

Following some light showers, the rain worsened this afternoon. The sheep were very touchy at-hand throughout the day, and were difficult to get them to flow around the course.

John MacKillop, at run number 88, has gone into the lead with Joe on 173 points.

At the end of day two the cut-off point for the team places is 145 points.

Some of the top scores today were: 

John MacKillop and Joe, 173;

Michael Shearer and Jim, 171;

Alistair Stewart and Midge, 167;

Neil McVicar and Mist, 160;

Ian McMillan and Lamp, 159;

Angus Jardine and Elsie, 158;

Steven McLay and Jim, 156T.

Young handler Joe McKenzie with Tweedie after their run at their first National. ALL PICTURES: Lisa Soar

Also running at his first National was 15-year-old Mure Grant and Fred.

Scottish National brace champions for 2015 are Peter Martin and his litter sisters Jill and Jen.

Peter Martin in action with Jen in the shedding ring in today's brace.

Peter's son Stephen Martin took the runner-up spot in the brace, running in his first doubles competition.

Jock Welsh and Cree take the shed. They ran out of time at the pen and finished on a score of 145.

Michael Shearer and Jim scored the second highest points of the day on 171. Later on John MacKillop and Joe took the top spot on 173.

Another of the top scorers on day two was Ian McMillan running Lamp. They completed their run with 159 points, but will it be enough to make the team by the end of tomorrow?