Day 3

Today's sheep are mixed packets. They continue to pull to the right on the top half of the fetch. After the turn they tend to run up the first drive. They are still touchy at-hand and can't take too much pressure.

The weather is good for now, with spells of sunshine and a light breeze.

Ewen Mackinnon and Midge have scored 167 this morning.

Midge went out on the right-hand outrun.They caught all the gates but a Suffolk cross caused some problems, pulling away on the first drive. The shed came on the second attempt, they penned ok and got the single in time.

Fraser Shennan and Fizz also completed their run and scored 171, the highest score so far today.

Fizz went out to the right, losing 6 on the outrun and 4 on the lift. Ten points were lost on the fetch. In the drives, they had a little trouble at the start of the cross drive and lost 17 points. 

The at-hand work was completed efficiently, losing 2 in the shed, 6 at the pen and 4 in the single.

The  judges have gone to lunch and another heavy shower has come in from the hills. Peter Martin and Ian McConnell have both scored 158, but no-one has come close to matching Fraser Shennan's earlier score of 171.

Overall, John McKillop and Joe are still in the lead on 173.

The singles will resume after lunch with run number 122, W. A. Morrison and Straid Nell.

Ian Brownlie and Mo post a score of 165, with seconds to spare in the single.

A few runs later Julie Hill and Mac scored 170.  With the next run, Murray McTeir and Bob beat that with 172 to go into second place overall.

It was a steady run around the field and they were timed up in the single.

Trialling continues in the dry and at 4.10pm we are now up to run number 140.

Mosse Magnusson and Myllin Davey score 160 late in the day to gain a place in the team.

Congratultions to Scottish National champions John MacKilliop and Joe, brace champion and runner-up, father and son Peter and Stephen Martin, and all the team members.

This is the seond time John MacKillop, of Fort Augustus, has won the Scottish National. He first won it in 1994, and said of today's win: "It's been a long wait!"

He has had six-year-old Joe since he was a pup. John ran yesterday, at run number 88, so it was a nervous wait to see if he would hold on to the lead. 

Some of the top scores from today:

Murray McTeir and Bob, 172;

Fraser Shennan and Fizz, 171;

Julie Hill and Mac, 170;

Ewen Mackinnon and Midge, 167;

Ian Brownlie and Mo, 165;

Ian McConnell and Fly, 158;

Peter Martin and Jen, 158.

Scottish National champions John MacKillop and Joe. ALL PICTURES: Lisa Soar

Brace champion and runner-up, father and son Peter and Stephen Martin.

The 2015 Scottish team, along with the youngest competitor, 13-year-old Joe McKenize.

Fraser Shennan and Fizz take the single to finish their run on a score of 171.

Julie Hill and Mac in the shedding ring. 

Murray McTeir gained a place in the team for the first time, running his dog Bob. They finished in second place on 172 points.

Crews from mneTV have been filming for the next series of Farpaisean Chon-Chaorach for BBC Alba during the three days of the National.

Emma Hunter was at the trials today, with pup Bud, to watch her grandfather, Michael McNally compete.