Results - Day 1

Scotland is the only nation selecting the top 15 over the three days of the National this year. Trialling will start at 7.30am each day.
The trial is being hosted by William Evans at Awhirk Farm, Lochans, and the sheep will be Scottish and North England Mules.
It is a dry, warm morning with hazy sunshine. The course looks like it will be tricky. It is a rising, rolling course with a steep drop after the fetch gates.
The drive is left-handed and the cross-drive is across the hill. A fence has been removed just above the fetch gates leaving a ridge running across the field.
The mown shedding ring is to the left of the handlers' podium and the pen is behind it.

The singles judges are Bobby Dalziel and Hamish MacLean. There are 147 entries in the singles and seven brace competitors.

The Mules are big and strong - and they know it. Their lambs were weaned nearly a month ago.
They are a real challenge at the pen and there was only one completed run before lunch at number 16. Stuart Grant and Tib singled with seconds to spare and scored 155. 
Currently in second place are Jim Moore and Cap on 147 points. Mosse Magnusson and Moss scored 137 at run number seven.
After lunch Jock Welsh was having a good run with Tanhill Sam but they DQd at the pen. 

There is a grandstand for spectators which is being used for shade this afternoon. The sun has been shining since late morning and it is quite hot for the dogs.

There was only one brace run today from Laura Hinnekens running Meg and Fudgi. The sheep rejoined a number of times in the shedding ring, which is where she ran out of time. She scored 136 points.

The ice-cream van is in demand and there are a few trade stands on the field as well as the catering marquee and the ISDS shop.

Running at number 38, Ian Brownlie and Boredale Gus took the lead on 155 points, despite running out of time at the pen, but with better OLF points than Stuart Grant.

By the end of the day there was still only one completed run.


The signal is very poor on the field for online updates and it is impossible to upload any videos from the field or the hotel in the evening.


The top 15 at the end of day one were:

1, Ian Brownlie, Boredale Gus, 155, olf 88;

2, Stuart Grant, Tib, 155, olf 65;

3, Neil Gillon, Bhoy, 154;

4, Jeff Moore, Cap, 147;

5, W.J. Welsh, Tweed, 146;

6, George Gardner, Craig, 144;

7, Bobby Henderson, Tweed, 142, olf 92;

8, Alan Common, Taff, 142, olf 77;

9, Chris Toner, Tic (alt), 142, olf 75;

10, John Casey, Ben, 140;

11, Moss Magnusson, Moss, 137;

12, W. Welsh, Cap, 135;

13, Andy Carnegie,Jess, 134;

14, Jock Sutherland, Upland Jan, 131;

15, Craig Davidson, Cap, 128, olf 84;

16, Billy Morrison, Tanhill Will, 128, olf 64.