Results - Day 2

There was rain overnight and it was a wet start for day two of the Scottish National.
The judges were in position and the first handlers were ready so trialling started 10 minutes early at 7.20am. Despite this it was still a late finish. During the day there were a few re-runs due to the sheep not holding at the top of the field.
The rain lasted for much of the day and the wind picked up, making it pretty miserable for handlers and spectators alike. It dried off for the evening, until the last two runs, and there were a few glimmers of sunshine.
After only one completed run yesterday, there were also a few glimmers of light on the trial field.
There were some improved performances today with the top score of 186 from Neil McVicar and Mist at number 82.
Yesterday there seemed to be an invisible force field in the mouth of the pen - the sheep just would not look into it and they seemed to relish the battle with man and dog. Today they were slightly more amenable, but it was still an unenviable task.
The first person to complete the course this morning was Mosse Magnusson and Myllin Davey at run 61. They finished on a score of 166.

The brace competition saw two runs today. Peter Martin has gone into the lead with Jill and Jen on 200 points. 
Peter sent Jill left and Jen right. At hand Peter shed with Jill. At the open pen, one ewe tried to break back to the the other packet but Jill stopped her and turned her back. They penned them but then Peter ran out of time with Jen at the second pen.
The other brace competitor was Ewen Mackinnon with Midge and Glenalla Maddie. They scored 110 points.


Please note; The signal was very poor on the field today and we are expecting it to be the same tomorrow. We will post updates as often as possible on the Twitter feed.


The top 15 at the end of day two are:

1, Neil McVicar, Mist, 186;

2, Ian Brownlie, Mo, 185;

3, Stuart Davidson, Gillieglen Queen, 178;

4, Neil Campbell, Cass, 170;

5, Mosse Magnusson, Myllin Davey, 166;

6, Lotta Magnusson, Kate, 160, olf 90;

7, Kenny Brehmer, Cynfal Gwen,160, olf 71;

8, Julie Hill, Sid (alt), 159;

9, John G. Templeton, Adelph Jip, 157;

10, Ian Brownlie, Boredale Gus, 155, olf 88;

11, Stuart Grant, Tib, 155, olf 65;

12, Neil Gillon, Bhoy, 154;

13, W. Welsh, Sam, 147, olf 88;

14, J. Moore, Cap, 147, olf 83;

15, W.J. Welsh, Tweed, 146;

Current reserve, J. Lamont, Craig, 145.